Dennis Walters
Dennis Walters, a Civil Engineering graduate from the Universities of Cape Town and Pretoria, was born in Worcester and matriculated at Dale College, King William’s Town. A registered Professional Engineer, he is currently a Consulting Civil & Structural Engineer with his own practice in East London, where his work takes him throughout the Eastern Cape Province, where he has been able to regularly inspect all the existing bridges described in this book. His main historical interest is in old bridges, both stone arch and iron lattice girder, and the Anglo Boer War. He discovered Joseph Newey while researching local stone arch bridges, and found that he was involved in almost every road bridge erected in the Eastern Cape during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The author has given numerous presentations to service clubs, historical societies and interested groups. A large amount of information has been accumulated from original sources over the past twelve years from which this important addition to the record of Civil Engineering achievement in South Africa has been made.
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